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ASUN Faculty and Staff Directory
Name/Title Department Contact Location/Office
Waddell, Verna
Payroll Services Manager
Finance & Administration
Phone: 870-512-7736
Newport, SCC 221
Randy Wagner
Wagner, Randy
Skilled Tradesman
Physical Plant
Phone: 870-512-7891
Newport, Physical Plant
Walker, Betsy
Assistant Professor of Science
Phone: 870-680-8737
Jonesboro, Hosp 504A
Linda Walker
Walker, Linda
Institutional Services Assistant
Events and Food Service
Phone: 870-512-7891
Walters, Amanda
Clinical and Simulation Coordinator
Nursing and Health Professions
Phone: 870-512-7762
Lee Webb
Webb, Lee
Director of Procurement
Procurement Services
Phone: 870-512-7849
Newport, SC 226
Sarah Webb
Webb, Sarah
Associate Professor of Life Science
Phone: 870-680-8741
Jonesboro, Main 212
Brian West
West, Brian
Information Systems Manager
IT Services
Phone: 870-358-8635
Marked Tree, Building A
Anna Westman
Westman, Anna
Associate Dean of General Education-Liberal Arts/Assistant Professor of English
English & Fine Arts
Phone: 870-512-7814
Newport, WH 168
Wewers, Mikel
Maintenance Assistant
Physical Plant
Phone: 870-358-8638
Marked Tree, Physical Plant
Ike Wheeler
Wheeler, Ike
Vice Chancellor for Leadership & Community Engagement
Phone: 870-512-7865
Newport, SC 237
White, Amanda
Assistant Professor of Life Science
Phone: 870-358-8646
Marked Tree, Building A 131
White, Lori
Assistant Professor of English
English & Fine Arts
Phone: 870-680-8742
Jonesboro, Main 218
Mary Williams
Williams, Mary
Career Coach
Student Affairs
Phone: 870-680-2198
Jonesboro, Adult Ed
Lisa Wilmans
Wilmans, Lisa
Fiscal Support Specialist
Business Office
Phone: 870-512-7802
Newport, SC 201
Stephanie Wilson
Wilson, Stephanie
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 870-512-7868
Newport, WH 142
Wolf, Lisa
Instructor of Nursing
Nursing and Health Professions
Phone: 870-512-7712
Newport, WRH 105
Kara Wolfe
Wolfe, Kara
Master Instructor of Hospitality Services
Phone: 870-680-8733
Carolyn Woodard
Woodard, Carolyn
Career Pathways Case Manager
Career Pathways
Phone: 870-512-7882
Newport, WH 119
Marcus Woodson
Woodson, Marcus
ADWORC Case Manager
Workforce Development
Phone: 870-680-8956
Jonesboro, Workforce Training Center
Phyllis Worthington
Worthington, Phyllis
Assistant Registrar
Enrollment Services
Phone: 870-512-7842
Newport, SC 201