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Center for Educational Access

At ASU-Newport, we believe every student has the right to achieve their highest ability academically, socially and intellectually. Although ASUN does not offer a specialized curriculum for persons with disabilities or assume the role of a rehabilitation center, we offer a variety of support services so that students with disabilities are admitted and integrated as completely as possible into the university. 

Reasonable academic accommodations are provided on an individual basis and are determined from the student's documentation and interview with the Center for Educational Access. To obtain reasonable academic accommodations, students must provide documentation of diagnosed disability to the Center for Educational Access Coordinator. It is to your advantage to contact the Center for Educational Access Coordinator before enrolling in courses at ASU-Newport. 

Students with Disabilities at Arkansas State University-Newport have the RIGHT to:

  • Equal opportunity to learn and participate in the programs, activities, services and facilities of the University through the provision of reasonable accommodations, academic adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids and services. 
  • Confidentiality of information regarding their disability, except as disclosure is necessary to acquire accommodations, facilitate services and/or is required by law. 
  • Accessible formats of information and means of communication. 
  • File a complaint, in accordance with University Policies Section 504/ADA Grievance 

    Procedures if they believe they have been subjected to discrimination on the basis of disability or have been denied access or accommodations as required by law.

Students with Disabilities at Arkansas State University-Newport have the RESPONSIBILITY to: 

  • Meet and maintain essential qualifications and standards for ASU-Newport courses, programs, services, and activities. 
  • Follow published procedures for obtaining reasonable accommodations at ASU-Newport. 
  • Provide comprehensive documentation that details the manner in which their disability may impact their participation in programs and activities of ASU-Newport, and that supports each accommodation request.

Exam Accommodation Responsibilities: Student Responsibilities

  • Students need to schedule exams with the Center for Educational Access at least five full business days in advance of the exam. Schedule exams by emailing  
  • The Center for Educational Access will extend hours to accommodate night classes by appointment only. Appointments need to be made seven days in advance for exams outside of normal business hours. 
  • Students should arrive on time for their exams. Exams will begin at the scheduled time.
  • Student cannot reschedule an exam without the consent of the faculty/instructor. 

Note-taker Accommodations: Student Responsibilities

  • Students who are receiving peer notes are required to attend class. The notes are a supplement to the class, not a substitute for attendance and participation. 
  • Students who miss class more than three classes without notifying the Center for Educational Access may lose their right to continue to receive peer notes. Note-takers are not obligated to provide notes for classes in which the student has missed.
  • Students will use the note for personal study purposes only. The notes are not to be redistributed to other students. 
  • Students will notify the Center for Educational Access if the note-taker fails to provide notes. 

Audio Recording Accommodations: Student Responsibilities

  • Students must not be disruptive in class when using an audio recorder.
  • Students must not sell, redistribute, copy, or disclose recorded materials. 
  • Students must use discretion during class on what material is recorded. 

Alternative Format Accommodations: Student Responsibilities

  • Notify the Center for Educational Access as soon as possible of the classes in which alternative text will be used. If students change their class schedule, it is their responsibility to notify the Center for Educational Access of the schedule changes as soon as possible. 
  • Students must purchase their own textbooks for the classes they are enrolled in. Additionally, they must submit proof of purchase for the textbooks before alternative format requests are processed. 
  • Student will sign a student agreement for alternative texts. 

Interpreter Accommodations: Student Responsibilities

Students who use American Sign Language Interpreters must register with the Center for Educational Access. Students are strongly encouraged to request this accommodation as early as possible prior to the start of the semester in order to ensure adequate interpreter coverage for classes. 

Service Animal: Student Responsibilities

  • Attend to the wellbeing and cleanliness of their animal.
  • Animals must be under control at all times and not disruptive to others or they may be removed. 
  • Be responsible for the removal of animal waste and maintaining clean conditions.
  • Have a plan in place for animal care in the event of an emergency. 
  • Arrange alternative shelter if the animal has to be removed from campus due to disruptive or unsafe behavior or environmental conditions or if the handler becomes unable to care for the Service Animal.

For more information, contact the Center for Educational Access. 

Amber Grady, Ed.D.
Phone (870) 512-7718

CEA Request for Reasonable Academic Accommodations (PDF)

CEA Operational Procedures Handbook (PDF)