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Honors Program

The Honors Program provides social, academic, and cultural programming to build a strong sense of community among students and foster intellectual curiosity, and promotion of lifelong learning. Honors students take small seminar-style classes together as well as participate in honors contract courses in their chosen disciplines and fields.  Additionally, the honors program will provide opportunities for students to fulfill the mission and role of a community college through volunteer and community service initiatives.

Admission and Requirements:

Current ASUN Students

  1. Completed Honors Program Application.
  2. 12 credit hours completed with GPA 3.25 or higher.
  3. Demonstrate appropriate progress toward completion of degree or credential (based on the semester).

 New or transfer students:

  1. Completed application and admission to ASUN.
  2. Completed Honors Program Application.
  3. 3.5 High School GPA or College Transfer work or 24 ACT or equivalent (Compass; Accuplacer etc.).

Honors Curriculum: (minimum required)

  1. Complete Introduction to Honors the semester student is accepted into the program. This course will be required to continue in the program.
  2. Four Honors Contract courses (12+ hours).  Honors contract courses are courses where the student contracts with the instructor to do additional projects or curriculum-related work to receive honors credit. These are pre-approved between the instructor and student in conjunction with the honors program and advisory group. A grade of “B” or higher must be attained to earn honors credit.  If a student earns a “C” or lower grade, regular class credit can be earned but credit toward honors completion requirements will not be attained for that course.
  3. Two Honors Seminars (required of all honors students) on Leadership and Ethics. One Seminar is offered in each fall and spring term.
  4. Two Honors Seminars or Internships in specific subject areas related to the student’s course of study.
  5. Eighty hours of volunteer work over the course of the two-year program.  Volunteerism must be professional or charitable, and not promote specific political or religious affiliations.  All volunteer work must be unpaid.
  6. Capstone Project (completed during graduating term).  This project is a completion marker of the student’s academic career in the ASUN Honors program.  Ideally, the capstone will be a cumulative project to be completed during the graduating semester that demonstrates the knowledge and experiences gained while completing the honors program.  The student will be required to present the capstone project at the end of their graduating term.  This presentation is a requirement to be considered an honor’s graduate.

Benefits of the Honors Program

  1. Students accepted into the honors program will receive a $250 scholarship as long as they continue to meet the requirements of the program.
  2. Students will be presented with opportunities to conduct research and special projects that could include exciting travel opportunities. 
  3. ASUN is a member of Honors Arkansas, which allows students to transfer from ASUN's honors program to the honors program of any member institution. 
  4. Students will be recognized as honor graduates at commencement, and their transcript and degree will indicate that the student is an honor graduate.

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Honors Program Application

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Joe Campbell
Director of Honors Program

Phone: (870) 680-8725

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