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Institutional Research & Effectiveness

ASUN Enrollment Dashboard

ASUN serves more than 5,000 students annually between credit, non-credit and adult education courses.  Credit students are monitored and reported by term each year.  You may view the reports for ASUN and the ASU-System below: 

ASU - Newport Enrollment and Demographic Data
ASU - System Enrollment and Demographic Data

ASUN Credentials Dashboard

ASUN awards more than 1,200 student credentials annually.  You may view the full reports for ASUN below: 

ASU - Newport Graduates by Credentials Awarded and Student Counts

Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO) Assessment

Institutional Learning Outcomes Cycle: Communication, Reasoning, Responsibility

ASUN provides core courses to instill general education knowledge, skills, and attitudes which are then reinforced through the academic and technical curriculum as well as co-curricular initiatives and experiences. The focus includes three major areas of competency:

ILO 1: Communication: Students will express ideas, knowledge, and concepts in a clear and concise manner.

  • Written
  • Verbal
  • Interpersonal

ILO 2: Reasoning: Students will apply reasoning skills in a variety of environments, which demonstrates problem-solving and applied knowledge.

  • Explore
  • Locate
  • Interpret
  • Evaluate
  • Apply

ILO 3: Responsibility: Students will participate in service activities that instill in them a sense of social responsibility.

  • Civic
  • Academic
  • Financial

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals for FY2023-24