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Transferring to ASUN

At ASUN, transfer credit is evaluated at the time a prospective student applies for admission. The Registrar is the institutional transfer officer responsible for the initial evaluation. 

This evaluation is based on a recommendation of course acceptability as determined by academic department and college standards. Below is a list of tasks that need to be done before a student transfers to another school.


  • Complete an application for admissions.
  • Request a sealed transcript from Admissions to be mailed with application. You will need to send official transcript from ALL institutions you have attended. The Admissions office usually evaluates the transcript and notifies the student which classes are acceptable. This may not be accurate if you have not completed all of the core requirements or an associate degree. You will need to review and make sure it is updated once you finish the associate degree. 
  • Request a copy of your shot records, if applicable. 
  • Once you have completed your final semester with us, you will need to request the Admissions office to mail an official transcript to the new institution.
  • You will also need to request an official transcript be sent to the scholarship office.

Financial Aid:

  • Complete any scholarship applications. These usually require a copy of your transcript to be mailed with application. These are often mailed to a different address than the admission application.
  • Complete financial aid applications if applicable.
  • Write Arkansas Department of Higher Education to transfer your AR Academic Challenge Scholarship.
  • ADHE
    114 East Capitol
    Little Rock, AR 72201

Mid-Year Transfer:

  • If transferring in the middle of an academic year, request another copy of your financial aid from the federal processor. This takes 4 to 6 weeks. If you originally listed the new institution when completing the financial aid application, you will only need to contact the new institution and tell them you are transferring.
  • You may need to request a Financial Aid Transcript (FAT) from the previous institution since it is in the middle of the academic year. Ask the new institution if this is needed.
  • Write any other scholarship donors and ask if they will transfer the scholarship to the new institution.


  • Visit or set up an appointment with the particular college within the university system so that you may be advised as soon as possible. Take a copy of your transcript and current schedule with you to this meeting. These do not have to be official copies. Usually, once the Admissions office has evaluated the transcript for the core requirements, the individual college will evaluate. They will decide which classes you have taken may be counted toward your major requirements. That’s why it is important you take a copy of all transcripts and your current schedule to the meeting.
  • Keep in touch with your advisor and register at the new institution as soon as possible.
  • Keep in touch with the financial aid office.
  • Complete a housing application for on-campus housing or look for off-campus housing as soon as possible. Off-campus housing may fill-up early. Often, you may receive a list of off-campus housing from Student Life or other similar offices.


For more information, call the Student Services Office at (870) 512-7811 or the Admissions Office at (870) 512-7889.