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Student Complaint Log

College students are entitled to an accessible procedure for expressing dissatisfaction and communication with the administration to reconcile any college-related problems. Arkansas State University - Newport has procedures for addressing written student complaints and is proactive with respect to student concerns.

In addition to the formal grievance procedures, any written complaint, whether submitted as an email or in some other written form will be accepted and acted upon as long as it contains the student’s name, contact information and a general description of the grievance. The resolution of grievances can be conducted with students in person, through phone or online via email. Complaints received through the College’s Call Center are escalated to college personnel for resolution by the appropriate individual or department. These informal complaints are distributed to the proper department for response and assistance.

Please refer to Standard Operating Procedure 2001 for more information about the Academic and Student Affairs Student Complaint Logs at Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Please refer to Standard Operating Procedure 3001 for more information about the Finance and Administration Student Complaint Logs at Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


If the grievance is not resolved after exhausting ASUN’s grievance procedure, students may file a complaint with the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE).  Students who wish to file a complaint should review the contact information listed below. These agencies usually require the student to exhaust the institution’s internal complaint processes prior to filing a complaint or grievance. 

Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) An out-of-state student may report an unresolved grievance (except for those related to grades or student conduct) by contacting ADHE. The student grievance web form may be accessed at:

ADHE is Arkansas’ state portal agency for the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) and is responsible for the final resolution of student complaints against Arkansas institutions. If a complaint is received from an ASUN student located outside of Arkansas, in accordance with the SARA complaint resolution process, ADHE will notify the SARA portal entity of the state in which the complaining student is located. For a list of NC-SARA portal entity contacts, visit