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ASUN Faculty and Staff Directory
Name/Title Department Contact Location/Office
Dr. Jason Self
Self, Jason
Associate Professor of Chemistry/Physical Science
Phone: 870-512-7720
Newport, WH 125
Ronnie Shempert
Shempert, Ronnie
Maintenance Assistant
Physical Plant
Phone: 870-680-8741
Jonesboro, Physical Plant
Jeremy Shirley
Shirley, Jeremy
Executive Director of Marketing & Communications
Marketing and Communications
Phone: 870-512-7723
Newport, SC 234
Carrie Skipper
Skipper, Carrie
Assistant Profesor of Psychology
History & Social Sciences
Phone: 870-680-8744
Jonesboro, Main 218
Slagley, Austin
Skilled Tradesman
Physical Plant
Phone: --
Newport, Physical Plant
Gregory Slayton
Slayton, Gregory
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 870-680-8727
Jonesboro, WW 218
Clara Smart
Smart, Clara
Institutional Services Assistant
Events and Food Service
Phone: 870-512-7891
Bobby Smith
Smith, Bobby
Senior Instructor of Industrial Maintenance
Industrial & Manufacturing Technology
Phone: 870-680-8721
Jonesboro, WTC 119
Holly Smith
Smith, Holly
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Phone: 870-512-7704
Newport, WH 152
Kristen Smith
Smith, Kristen
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Office of the Chancellor
Phone: 870-512-7850
Newport, SC 230
Lonnie Smith
Smith, Lonnie
Institutional Services Assistant
Events and Food Service
Phone: 870-512-7891
Newport, Physical Plant
Michael Smith
Smith, Michael
Career Coach
Career Facilitator
Phone: 870-253-2436
Newport, WH 138
Pam Smith
Smith, Pam
Student Support Specialist
Financial Aid
Phone: 870-512-7713
Newport, SC 201
Debbie Snetzer
Snetzer, Debbie
Assistant to Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs
Phone: 870-512-7844
Newport, WH 150
Charlene Stapleton
Stapleton, Charlene
Administrative Specialist III
Career Pathways
Phone: 870-512-7856
Newport, WH 119
Katlyn Steimel
Steimel, Katlyn
ARNEC Director
Phone: 870-512-7768
Newport, WH126
Summers, Steven
Assistant Professor of Physical Science
Phone: 870-512-7819
Newport, WH 124