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Tuition and Fees

ASUN does not automatically unregister students for non-payment. However, students are expected to make payment arrangements to avoid potential delays in registration. Students who have a balance of $100.00 or more may not register for a later semester.  In order for ASUN to release your official transcript, you must have a zero balance.

Payment arrangements should be made prior to the beginning of the semester if sufficient financial aid has not been awarded to the student's account.

Payments can also be made in-person via the cashier on our Newport and Marked Tree campuses.

For students that do not have financial aid in place and are unable to pay the full amount of tuition and fees before classes begin, we offer an online payment plan through Bill Payment.  

Cash-paying students enrolled in the Commercial Driver Training Institute (CDTI) program will be required to pay the cost in full upon registration of the program.  Payments are made by phone by calling 870-512-7802, or in person at the cashier window on the Newport campus. CDTI students who are sponsored by a third party will have their account credited for payment when the billing processes are complete and the paying entity makes payment for the sponsored student.  

Payment mailing address:
Arkansas State University-Newport
7648 Victory Blvd. 
Newport, AR  72112

For more information, contact the Business Office at (870) 512-7800 or 1-800-976-1676.

Fall 2023 Tuition and Fees

Tuition Fees (per credit hour)  
In-State  $107
Out-of-State  $167
Prison Education Program $128
Out-of-State Performance Scholarship Students $107
Required Fees (per credit hour)  
Online Class $25
Quality Improvement $9
Academic Excellence $7
Infrastructure Fee $3
Student Activity $2
Campus Safety Fee $2
Program Fees   
Advanced Manufacturing $100 per course
Agriculture Technology  $250 per semester
Allied Health  $125 per semester
Automotive Service Program  $100 per semester
Commercial Driver Training   $1950 per course
Commercial Driver Training Equipment Fee $300 per course
Computer Networking Technology $75 per semester
Cosmetology Lab Fee $50 per lab course
Cosmetology Program $250 per semester
Culinary Program $100 per course
Diesel Technology $100 per semester
EMT Lab Fee $100 per semester
Energy Control Technology $75 per semester
Hospitality $50 per semester
Hospitality Lab $50 per lab course
HVLT Program $400 per semester
Nursing Simulation Course Fee $75 per lab course
Patient Care Tech Program $200 per semester
PN Program $400 per semester
RN Program $450 per semester
Surgical Technology  $400 per semester
Welding Course $150 per course
Writing Lab Technology (English Fundamentals, Writing Seminar) $60
Auxiliary Book Rental Fee $20 per credit hour
Auxiliary Late Return Book Fee $15 per book
Auxiliary Non-Return Book Fee $65 per book
Testing Fees  
Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) $60
CNA Certification $125
Career Readiness Certification $36
CNA Certification $20
COMP TIA A+ $100
Computer Networking Certification $135
HVAC/EPA Certification $50
Medication Assistant Certification $115
Non-student Proctoring Fee $25 per test
Nursing $100
On-Campus Placement  $10
ServSafe Certification  $40
Welding Certification  $100
Other Fees  
Lab Fee $35 per lab course
Payment Plan $30
Printing Fee
Each student is allowed 200 sheets of copy paper per semester for printing.
$5 per ream of paper
Prior Learning Assessment  $20 per credit hour
Returned Check Fee $30

Expenses subject to change without notice.

Senior Aviator Waiver

Arkansas residents who are 60 years of age and older are entitled to attend college credit classes at Arkansas State University-Newport without a tuition charge. Proof of age must be presented at the time of registration. This waiver does not apply to non-credit classes, assessment fees, or any other fees collected by the university. Click here to learn more about the Senior Aviator Waiver. 


Refunds: Unregistering and Withdraw Policy 

Any student who withdraws (unregisters) from ASU-Newport during a term of enrollment prior to the census date, will not be responsible for tuition and fee charges for any/all courses for which the student unregisters. Any payments made by the student prior to the census date will be refundedUnregistering from courses on or before the census date will not incur a tuition, fees, or related changes on their student account. Additionally, there will not be Ws on their academic transcript.  

NOTE: Students who do not attend classes before the census date are typically dropped for non-attendance. However, it is the responsibility of the student to drop the courses for which he or she did not attend prior to the census date. 

Students who choose to officially withdraw from courses after the census date but before the last day to withdraw from courses accept all tuition, fees, and charges associated with the courses. Students who choose to withdraw from all courses and have received Title IV funds may be subject to additional charges due to the requirement of ASU-Newport to calculate unearned money via the return to title iv calculation.

To view census dates and last day to withdraw from courses, please review the current ASU-Newport Academic Calendar.

Exception: Commercial Driver Training students will be allowed to withdraw (unregister) from courses (and be eligible for a refund if payments have been made on the student account) during the first eight (8) days of class.  

Refund Schedule

Less than Full-Term Courses (Flex I, Flex II, Summer I, or Summer II)

A. Prior to Census Date: 100%

B: After Census Date: No Refund

Full-Term Courses (Fall and Spring)

A. Prior to Census Date: 100%

B: After Census Date: No Refund


Students are responsible for indicating their intent to discontinue enrollment by using the appropriate form (drop or withdraw). Enrollment Services processes the forms submitted by students and informs the Financial Aid Office when students discontinue enrollment.

Unregister = a complete cancellation of course enrollment that results in 100% refund of tuition and fees.

  • A drop can only occur before the end of the census date
  • A drop will NOT appear on a transcript
  • A dropped student’s name will no longer appear on a course roster
  • A dropped course will no longer appear on a student’s schedule of courses
  • A drop makes the enrollment as if it never happened
  • A drop usually has zero impact on financial aid eligibility
  • Withdraw (appears as a DROP button) = a process signaling that a student is enrolled, but will not complete a course or courses in which he or she is enrolled. ONLY ENROLLMENT SERVICES STAFF MEMBERS CAN PROPERLY PROCESS A WITHDRAW//DROP.
  • A withdraw can only occur AFTER the census date for the current term of enrollment
  • A withdraw WILL appear on a transcript as the letter “W” in the final grade column
  • A withdrawn student’s name WILL appear on a course roster
  • A course from which a student has withdrawn WILL appear on a student’s schedule of courses
  • A withdrawn student must pay for the course – even though he or she will not complete it
  • A withdraw may impact continued financial aid and scholarship eligibility
  • Complete Withdraw = a process signaling that a student is enrolled, but will not complete any courses in which he or she is currently enrolled. A complete withdraw can only occur AFTER the census date but before the last day to withdraw from courses of the current term of enrollment.  
  • All courses WILL appear on a transcript with “W” in the final grade columns
  • A withdrawn student’s name WILL appear on all course rosters
  • All courses from which a student has withdrawn WILL appear on a student’s schedule of courses
  • A withdrawn student must pay for the courses – even though he or she will not complete them
  • A complete withdraw usually impacts continued financial aid and scholarship eligibility

Visit the following link to access the Withdrawal Request Form.

Send completed Withdrawal Request Forms to or drop them off at one of the ASU-Newport campuses.

Outstanding Account Balance Procedure

Students can check account balances within the student portal.  Students with an outstanding balance on account at the end of the term are placed on financial hold by the business office. The hold prevents the student from registering for another term or receiving a transcript until the past due balance is resolved.

If the student plans to graduate and an amount is owed, it will prevent the student from receiving a final transcript or diploma until the final balance is fully resolved.

If a student has an outstanding balance after a term ends, the balance will be considered delinquent,  Delinquent accounts are sent to the State of Arkansas to be deducted from state income tax refunds. Delinquent accounts that still remain are then sent to collections.