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The Advising Center at ASU-Newport is dedicated to providing students with services that will enhance their overall college experience. 

Vision: ASU-Newport academic advising is a shared responsibility between advisors and students to exchange information that promotes excellence and inspires lifelong learning. 

Mission: Academic advising at ASU-Newport seeks to build relationships that support and empower students to reach their academic and professional goals. 

Academic advising is strongly encouraged for all students of ASU-Newport. As many studies in both college retention and completion have shown, academic advising plays a pivotal role in helping students complete their degree in a timely manner. To help facilitate this learning process, Academic Advisors are available to meet with new students during one-on-one advising appointments. Returning students are encouraged to schedule an advising session with their assigned Advisor.

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What is an Advisor? 

All ASUN students are assigned an Advisor at the start of their academic journey at ASUN. The Advisor is an excellent academic resource and mentor for ASUN students. 

When does the advisor get assigned? 

How are the advisors assigned? 

How long is my advisor with me?

Assigned when a student enters ASUN 

Assignments are based on an academic program of study. 

The academic advisor will be updated with changes in academic programs. 

Role of Advisors

ASU-Newport advisors intentionally spend time building rapport and trust with their advisees. Advisors will learn about each adviseeā€™s strengths, skills, and abilities. Advisors will encourage and challenge students to dream about their future and then co-create a plan to help students achieve their goals. During this entire process, advisors are committed to maintaining an appropriate level of confidentiality as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

Processes advisors may assist students with include: degree and career exploration, designing an academic plan, registering for courses, supplying information on transfer options and/or employment opportunities, and providing information on student services such as tutoring.

All ASUN students will be assigned an advisor and have access to our Professional Advising Center. 

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Note: All appointments with Faculty Advisors will be virtual. Updates will be made as needed.

We look forward to meeting you soon to plan for your success! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Academic Advisor? 

  • Log into
  • Click Academic > Degree Audit> Academic Advisor

How do I change my Academic Advisor? 

If a student needs to discuss a change of advisor, please contact

How do I change my academic major? 

If a student needs to discuss a change of major, please contact

When can I change my major? 

Students can only change their academic major before a full-term semester begins. (Note: Summer I and Summer II are viewed as full-term. Students completing an academic degree program in Summer I and who wish to enroll in a new academic program for Summer II will not be eligible to change academic majors until the Summer II term ends. Students wishing to takes courses will be allowed to do so but will be enrolled in visiting student enrollment and not eligible for federal student  financial aid.)

How do I explore the academic majors offered at ASUN? 

Click here to explore the academic programs ASUN has to offer. 

We look forward to meeting you soon to plan for your success! 

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