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ASUN Faculty and Staff Directory
Name/Title Department Contact Location/Office
Garwood, Stacey
Director of Emergency Medical Services
Health and Community Service
Phone: 870-512-7826
Newport, WH128
Kevin Gee
Gee, Kevin
Director of Hospitality Services
Phone: 870-680-8733
Jonesboro, HOSP 505B
Anita Getman
Getman, Anita
Interim Director of Food Services
Events and Food Service
Phone: 870-512-7726
Newport, SC-HUB
Lindley Gilliaum
Gilliaum, Lindley
Advanced Instructor of Agriculture Technology
Applied Sciences
Phone: 870-512-7746
Newport, WH 126
Judith Gipson
Gipson, Judy
Coordinator of PCT/Instructor of Nursing and Allied Health
Health and Community Service
Phone: 870-512-7729
Newport, CWA 102
Lily Glover
Glover, Lily
Instructor of Surgical Technology
Health and Community Service
Phone: 870-512-7758
Newport, WRH
Candace Gross
Gross, Candace
Dean for Enrollment Services
Enrollment Services
Phone: 870-512-7716
Newport, SC 210