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Academic Support Center

Academic Support Center at ASU-Newport provides free support services to all students conducting homework, seeking tutoring or attending workshops. Developmental classes emphasized at the Center include Math and English Fundamentals 

Tutors work with students in all developmental classes as well as other course levels. Tutorial services include math and writing as well as study software which can be accessed for a variety of subjects including math, science, history and writing. The Center also has access to online practice and study exams in the areas of CDL truck driving, nursing prep, PRAXIS, ACT and SATs.


  • Workshops dealing with study skills, Academic Support Center introduction, time management, Compass preparation, etc.
  • One-on-One (drop-in) and Group Tutoring
  • Study materials
  • Early Intervention Program
  • Web links to extra practice and study skills
  • Test proctoring



  • Located in the Harryette M. Hodges and Kaneaster Hodges, Sr. Library inside Walton Hall 
  • Computer Lab hosting 23 computers
  • Seating area for
  • Dry erase boards


  • Located in the Main Building room 204 & 207
  • Computer Lab hosting 15 computers
  • Group Study and tutoring tables

Marked Tree

  • Located in the Library in Building A
  • Computer Lab hosting 15 computers
  • Tutoring tables
  • Dry erase boards

Record Keeping

  • Semester Reports
  • Outcomes Assessment
  • Schedule
  • Help Desk

Usage Policy

  • Computers are for educational use only. ASUN students have priority over other users.
  • Internet access is limited to one hour if other students are waiting to use the computer.
  • Ask if you need assistance with anything; we are here to help if we can.
  • Conserve paper; if you need help with printing, our staff will provide assistance.
  • Downloading of files is permitted only for information for class use.
  • Social networking and games are not allowed unless required for class.
  • Anyone found not adhering to the above policies may be subject to loss of lab privileges.
  • Anyone using the lab must sign into the lab using a student ID, or ask assistance from a tutor or the Director of Academic Support.

University Standards

Conduct that violates the ASUN Computer and Network Use Policy includes, but is not limited to, the activities in the following list:

  • Unauthorized use of a computer account.
  • Using the campus network to gain unauthorized access to any computer systems.
  • Connecting unauthorized equipment to the campus network.
  • Unauthorized attempts to circumvent data protection schemes or uncover security loopholes. This includes creating or running programs that are designed to identify security loopholes or decrypt intentionally secure data.
  • Knowingly or carelessly running or installing programs intended to damage or to place excessive load on a computer system or network. This includes programs known as computer viruses, trojans, or worms.
  • Deliberately wasting or overloading computer resources, such as printing too many copies of a document.
  • Violating terms of applicable software licensing agreements or copyright laws

Helpful Professional Organizations


For more information about the Academic Support Center, contact:
Altonius Peterson
Director of Academic Support Services
(870) 512-7861

Fall Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Summer Hours of Operation:
Monday - Thursday, 7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.