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Concurrent Enrollment


Welcome to the Concurrent Enrollment Program here at Arkansas State University – Newport.   This program offers high school students the chance to enroll in college classes while still in high school.  Students have a variety of courses to select from:  English Composition I & II, College Algebra, Oral Communications, US History to 1876, US History since 1876, World Civilization to 1660, World Civilization from 1660 and a plethora of other courses. 

Since 2009, Arkansas State University – Newport has been a member of NACEP, National Association of Concurrent Enrollment Programs.  This organization is the chief accrediting agency of Concurrent Enrollment Programs in the country.  This ensures your Concurrent Enrollment Program in your high school has met all the standards necessary for your experience. 

Admissions requirements include a 3.0/4.0 GPA, and the Arkansas Department of Education requires an ACT Reading Score of 19 (or equivalent alternative test scores) for all general education courses. In addition to this rule, Math, and English (Composition I) courses have specific score requirements.