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Student Affairs

Student Success. That is why we are here, to provide the foundation for your success here at Arkansas State University-Newport. The Student Affairs team is here to help you be successful, and our support starts with New Student Orientation and ends with your Graduation. Student Affairs is the starting point for Financial Aid, Center for Educational Access, Student Activities, Career Pathways and Career Services.

While you’re here we want you to receive a top-notch education as well as experiences outside the classroom that will last a lifetime. While you’re here, get involved on campus by joining a student organization, participate in intramural sports or attend Lunch and Learn events.

Students are at the heart of everything we do at ASU-Newport! If you need anything while you are attending ASUN, please contact the Student Affairs team.

Welcome to the ASU-Newport family and let us know if we can do anything to help you be more successful!