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Agriculture Technology


Unmanned aircraft systems, smart irrigation, terrain contour mapping, self-driving and GPS-enabled tractors – it’s how today’s growers work better, faster.  ASUN’s all new Agriculture Technology program gives you hands-on experience with the latest technology in precision agriculture and crop monitoring.   Local producers and industry partners give our students the opportunity to work in the field with a mobile precision ag lab, GPS, GIS, various farm management software and guided tractor systems.

This program trains students that are in demand for industry leaders such as Helena Chemical, Greenway Equipment, Young’s Irrigation, local producers and many others.

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Agriculture Technology
Associate of Applied Science

Length of Program: 4 semesters

Total Program Cost: $6,960

Campus Availability: Newport Campus

Course Availability: Fall, Spring, & Summer

2018-2019 Associate of Applied Science Degree Plan
2017-2018 Associate of Applied Science Degree Plan 

Agriculture Operations
Technical Certificate

Length of Program: 2 Semesters

Total Program Cost: 

Campus Availability: Newport

Course Availability: Fall, Spring, & Summer

2018-2019 Technical Certificate Degree Plan

Certificate of Proficiency

Length of Program: 1 Semester

Total Program Cost: 

Campus Availability: Newport

Course Availability: Fall, Spring and Summer

2018-2019 Certificate of Proficiency Degree Plan