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Registration for Spring 2017 Registration starts Nov. 9th!


We say it all the time, and I’m sure you get it by now, right?  But here’s what you might not know about early enrollment:

Old Fashioned Clock with ASAP post it on the front

Spoiler alert: college is really expensive. Begging the government for money can make it more affordable! Such begging is done in the form of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid—FAFSA® for short.

ASU-Newport Hot Rod FINISHED


The engine and electrical, finalized by our Automotive Service Program

Students working in classroom with "Get Ready for College" text over image

Transitioning from High School to College can be a challenge for some students.  So, we've scoured the internet and talked to our faculty/staff for this list of suggestions to make this transition go as easy as possible.

PROJECT: Ready to Award

Let’s face it, the school year is wrapping up, and you’re just ready to take a break and not do homework until next Fall!
And, filling out your FAFSA and enrolling in classes isn’t that high on your priority list…You’ve got better things to do!

But, consider this:

I. M. Woman

It's the beginning of Spring 2016 semester and I am very excited!

This semester I will have the pleasure of learning:

Hot Rod Primed and Ready!

It has been a long journey, but we're so close to wrapping up this hot rod!

Our Collision Repair Team has been blocking and sanding the ASUN Hot Rod for 3 months.  Our students have been working through other vehicles while working on the Hot Rod.

Hot Rod Blocked and Sanded


That's what the CRRT team has been doing to the hotrod the last few weeks.  


Sounds like a scene from a horror movie, but you'd be surprised how important these are for today's industrial environment.

Chevrolet Engine

1971 Chevrolet Camaro RACECAR!

Now that I have your attention, take a look at this performance hotrod!