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We are the ASUN Aviators!

ASUN Aviator Logo

Arkansas State University-Newport is thrilled to share the addition of a school mascot and a change to school colors. ASUN began a search earlier this year for a mascot to represent its brand and spirit. 
Students, faculty, staff, and alumni were encouraged to participate in the selection process by suggesting possible choices along with voting for their favorite option. 
After receiving an outpouring of suggestions, the institution contemplated each option while also considering the choice that best met certain criteria.

The criteria included:

  • consider the culture and history of both the college and community
  • be easily represented in print, online, and in college materials
  • be accompanied by a name and costume idea for the mascot
  • reflect ASU-Newport's brand personality.

The college is eager to share the designation of the ASUN Aviators. As you may know, ASU-Newport’s flagship campus is located on a former Army base. The Newport Army Air Field was once home to thousands of people as they lived and worked on the base in Jackson County. The Aviator mascot encompasses our history as an institution and allows ASUN to create a mascot persona that is easily identified and relatable for students and communities. The costume is in the production stages and will be revealed in September. 
With a new mascot, ASUN saw an opportunity to make another change. The school colors will transition to a variation of Persian Blue and Pewter Gray for the mascot and incorporating the blue into the collegiate logo. 

The new ASUN collegiate logo with the color variation of Persian Blue.

The color modification allows ASUN to better differentiate itself throughout Northeast Arkansas as a two-year institution that provides accessible, affordable, quality education while offering a variety of technical opportunities and programs for students. 
While ASUN will forever embrace its past, it looks forward to a bright future where students can continue to soar, succeed and become ASUN Aviators.