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Ace working with Financial Aid while money is raining down!

The ASU-Newport Financial Aid Office is collaborating with the Dept.

Get your necessary classes done quicker this summer at ASU-Newport!

ASU-Newport is now enrolling for Summer 2 and Fall 2021 terms.  

Attend these programs for Free at ASU-Newport!

Arkansas's newest grant program is here to increase the education and skills of Arkansas' workforce!  This grant program is designed to cover tuition and fees for qualifying certificate and degree programs at ASU-Newport (list below).

Get your necessary classes done quicker this summer at ASU-Newport!

ASU-Newport is now enrolling for Summer 1 and Summer 2 terms.  

It's time to soar with ASU-Newport!

Registration is open for Summer & Fall 2021 at Arkansas State University-Newport. This year-you have options. This summer ASUN is offering three summer terms prior to the fall semester! 

Criminal Justice students working in lab.

Caring for children, working with wildlife, helping a person in need…all of these are worthwhile professions, and if you are interested in any of these careers, then the ASUN Criminal Justice Program may be for you.  Wait.

You are the combination of the five people you spend the most time with!! Let that sink in for a minutedoes that surprise you…does it scare you? Does it open your eyes? The old adage rings true that we are the company we keep.

Women's History Month

In honor of Women's History Month, ASU-Newport's Council for Diversity and Inclusion organized a number of activities to celebrate the women of ASUN. 

Financial Aid Awareness Month Hashtag

February is Financial Aid Awareness month! The ASUN Office of Financial Aid is proud to offer counseling (in-person or virtual) to help increase student awareness about financial aid. Financial aid is more than grants, loans and scholarships.

ASUN's faculty and staff started the semester with Dr. Tim Bono who shared his science on happiness. Dr. Bono concludes that happiness is not about being happy all the time. The goal is working to be happier. Negativity happens, it will always happen and continue to happen.