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Summertime! Time to get ahead!

Summer image of glass of tea and lime with ASUN logo on glass.

Ah yes….warm weather...

the sun...fresh cut grass...

sweet tea...and lounging by the pool! 

Sounds like your typical Arkansas summer…but let’s pretend you want more out of life.  There’s still time to get a jump start on your college career with summer courses at ASU-Newport!  Depending how you did on the ACT or Accuplacer, you might consider taking Math or English Fundamentals and start your fall semester ready for college! 

In Summer 1, enroll in the MTWR 12:00-1:00 English Fundamentals course and the TR 10:00-12:00 Math Fundamentals to get ready for college this fall! 

That’s one way to get ahead, or you could ENROLL in FALL 2018 Semester NOW!  Enrollment is open now for Summer 1, 2 and Fall 2018.  Here’s how you can enroll now:

  1. Apply online
  2. Submit the required documents
  3. Complete the FAFSA
  4. Register for an NSO Session
  5. Start CLASS!!!

Notice each of those has a corresponding link…so go ahead and click on them to learn more.  If you need any help during this process, email and we’ll help you get enrolled!

Enrollment Flyer