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3F's in College can be a GOOD THING!

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Your life can’t always revolve around seasons, so why should your education? Fall and Spring terms aren’t always what a student needs, and ASU-Newport recognizes that students have different needs, commitments and schedules.


That’s why ASU-Newport is introducing the 3F Term Model. The 3F model gives students year-round access to courses at ASUN. It provides students with a variety of course lengths to make sure each student can reach their potential on their own time.


The 3F Term Model stands for Full, Flex and Fast-Terms, demonstrated in the graphic below. 

Full Term - Flex Term - Fast Term Visual display of terms and how they fit into 1 full term

Fast Term courses are four weeks long and offered four times during a fall or spring semester. When you add Fast Terms to ASUN’s Intersession and summer options, students have the flexibility to start college whenever they are ready.

Benefits of Fast Terms:

  • Students can concentrate on one class at a time
  • Flexible class schedules that better align with personal and professional commitments
  • More opportunities to complete prerequisite courses for program acceptance
  • Add classes every four weeks

 ASUN also has Flex course options that last 8 weeks. Enroll now and you can be on your way to earning your degree.

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If you are interested in these new terms, contact your advisor for help with creating the best schedule for you!

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