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Online-Visiting Students

Here you are…trying to fit one more class into your busy schedule. But it’s required to graduate!

That’s okay, no worries, we can help you out. ASU-Newport offers online courses that can fit your schedule. ASUN has online courses that are 16-, 8- or 4-week courses. Choose the semester that fits your schedule and can help you graduate on time!

Here’s the best part, 1 online course (3 credit hours) is only $432! This price is based on the in-state tuition rate and does not include your book. That’s it…$432 and 4 weeks, and you can complete your required course to graduate!

All you do is complete our visiting student application here:

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Create an account to complete the application.

Select which courses you want from our online schedule below. Choose your term: Spring 2022, Spring Fast 1, Spring Fast 2, Spring Fast 3, Spring Fast 4, Spring Flex I, and Spring Flex II under "Filter by Term". The fast terms are 4-week terms, the flex terms are 8-week terms, and Spring 2022 is our regular 16-week semester.

Then "Filter by Delivery Method" and select "web based" for online courses. 

Register now for our spring semester! Classes start January 18th, and let’s get you through that required class, so you can get your diploma!

Spring Schedule