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Online-Visiting Students

Here you are…trying to fit one more class into your busy schedule. But it’s required to graduate!

That’s okay, no worries, we can help you out. ASU-Newport offers online courses that can fit your schedule. ASUN has online courses that are 16-, 8- or 4-week courses. Choose the semester that fits your schedule and can help you graduate on time!

Here’s the best part, 1 online course (3 credit hours) is only $432! This price is based on the in-state tuition rate and does not include your book. That’s it…$432 and 4 weeks, and you can complete your required course to graduate!

All you do is complete our visiting student application here:

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Select which courses you want from our online schedule below. Choose your term: Summer 1, Summer 2 and Summer Intercession under "Filter by Term". Then "Filter by Delivery Method" and select "web based" for online courses. 

 Fall Terms can be found here. The fast terms are 4-week terms, the flex terms are 8-week terms, and Fall 2022 is our regular 16-week semester.

Register now for our summer and fall semesters! Let’s get you through that required class, so you can get your diploma!