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Senior Aviator


Senior Aviator Fee Waiver 

Arkansas residents who are 60 years of age or older ("senior citizens") are encouraged to enroll tuition-free in existing for-credit courses based on the availability of space. College courses engage older learners in challenging and intellectually stimulating programs, and Senior Aviators lend wisdom and experience to traditional students in an academic environment. Visit or call the Office of the Registrar today for more details about becoming a Senior Aviator.


  • An Arkansas resident;

  • At least 60 years of age on the last day of regular registration for the term the waiver will be applied;

  • Be admitted to Arkansas State University-Newport.

Steps to becoming a Senior Aviator 

  1. Apply for Admission to Arkansas State University-Newport (see "Application Process" below).

  2. Enroll in courses.

  3. Complete the Senior Aviator Fee Waiver Form. Click here to submit the electronic form. 

  4. Submit a final transcript (from the last college attended) if necessary (once you have been evaluated, you will receive admission notification in the mail and via email). 


The Senior Aviator Fee Waiver covers tuition only. 

The Senior Fee Waiver does not cover non-resident tuition, fees, fees specific to a program, college, or course fees for credit offerings with off-campus experiences, non-credit continuing education programs, or courses offered through a consortium arrangement. It also does not cover the costs of textbooks or class supplies.