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Fall Flex II Courses Start Soon

Fall Flex Term Starts October 10th!


"It's like two summer terms in the middle of a regular semester", or so it's been said.

Simply put, if you want to maximize your semester, or take that course that you need to graduate this fall, then Fall Flex Courses are for you!

But, the Fall Flex isn't just for your General Education courses, you can start a completely new Applied Science program now with our Agriculture Technology program!  If you missed the Fall semester start date, then apply online now and enroll in the Agriculture Technology program.

Fall Flex II has great programs like: Certified Nursing Assistant, Composition I & II, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II, Intro to Nutrition, Intro to Computers, Concepts of Fitness, Microbiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II plus labs, Body Structure and Function, Principles of Agronomy, Technical Agriculture Lab I, Mathematics Fundamentals, College and Life Skills, and Fine Arts Theatre. 

To see a complete list of the programs, click here and view the excel document with the classes, or view the "live schedule".  Either way, you can find what classes are available starting October 10th!  

Find your class, enroll now!  Classes Start October 10th!