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Respecting the Community

Reports on the spread of COVID-19 infections are a source of stress and concern for many, but it is critical that we pause and reflect on how our words and reactions can affect others during this global health crisis. Now more than ever, it’s important for all members of the Aviator community to treat one another with care and dignity

Please consider the following:

  • Resist the tendency to make broad generalizations about people. Uncertainty about the coronavirus may lead to anxiety and fear. Harmful behaviors can occur when anxiety and fear are projected onto entire social groups. Such behavior is harmful to the well-being of targeted individuals and does not protect anyone from the coronavirus.
  • Treat community members with care and empathy. Try to walk in the shoes of others rather than treating someone with suspicion or implicit bias.
  • Be vigilant about social distancing and proper hygiene even when off campus.
  • Continue to follow recommended health and safety guidelines as Arkansas works to open for business.