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COVID-19: Academic & Financial Aid

ASUN and COVID-19: Academic and Financial Aid Standing-Spring 2020 

ASU-Newport will follow the processes for evaluating and determining Academic and Financial Aid Standing (Satisfactory Academic Progress) as outlined in the 2019-2020 ASUN Academic Catalog. Students who are currently on Academic/Financial Aid Probation and do not meet the academic requirements to maintain good academic/financial aid standing as required by the Student Success Plan (Academic Plan) will be placed on Academic/Financial Aid Suspension. The students will have an opportunity to appeal their Academic/Financial Aid Suspension Status. 

To be mindful of students who have experienced educational disruptions due to COVID-19, ASU-Newport will amend both the 2019-2020 Satisfactory Academic Progress policy and Academic Standing policy to take into consideration the Incomplete-Crisis and Withdrawal-Crisis grading options implemented in Spring 2020. The addendums will outline the academic/financial appeal process for students who were approved for the IC/WC during Spring 2020 term. Details of the process will note that the students still be evaluated for satisfactory academic progress (if they are on academic/fa suspension) and they can simply mark “approved for IC/WC Spring 2020” as their reason for the appeal. Students approved for IC/WC grades for Spring 2020 will have that status taken into consideration during the appeals process.  

Students whose appeals are approved will be placed on Academic/Financial Aid Probation. This means that they will be eligible for aid and enroll in courses for an additional term. During the upcoming term, the students on Academic/Financial Aid Probation will be expected to complete a Student Success Plan [Part 1 and Part II (if needed)]. While on the Student Success Plan, the student will be required to participate in academic support activities that will help them regain good Academic and Financial Standing.