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Advisory Board

Advisory Board members discussing programs with program directorArkansas State University-Newport has more than 20 Career and Technical Education programs. These targeted training programs prepare students for immediate employment in a variety of high paying, high demand careers. Technical programs at ASU-Newport continually adapt to changes in technology, industry needs and hiring trends to provide a relevant workforce for our service areas.

ASUN’s Advisory Boards are essential to the success of career and technical education programs. Input from local business and industry leaders ensures our programs are designed to meet the demands of the changing job market. Advisory Boards advise, assist and support faculty to enhance the planning and instruction of our programs. By sharing their time, experience and knowledge, our advisory board members allow ASUN to produce students that are better prepared to enter the workforce and advance their futures. For this, we are beyond grateful! Each board member’s commitment to ASUN and the program they serve makes a positive economic and personal impact.

Advisory Board members discussing programs with program directorsASUN strives to evolve all programs to meet the needs of industry, but we cannot meet that demand without help. Each ASUN program relies heavily on support from our communities in order to provide up-to-date equipment, facilities that accommodate our growing student population, and training to ensure our faculty members are educated on growing trends that will allow them to better serve our students. With your support to provide these elements, ASU-Newport can continue to train the workforce of the future.

You may ask, “How can I help?” Here are a few ways you can help ASUN make a difference in the lives of students and the communities we serve:

  1. Join an Advisory Board – if you work in one of the industries we teach, join the advisory board and help transform students into relevant members of the workforce. Just take a look at the "programs and degrees" link above to see if there's a program you can help with, and contact the program director (their photo is on the right-hand side of the page).
  2. Provide equipment – we strive to ensure we’re using the latest technology that our students need to remain relevant in their industry. Contact to donate equipment to ASUN.
  3. Come train our students – our instructors welcome presenters to speak with our classes. This provides a new layer of exposure for our students and your business. Reach out to the program director on the program page that closely relates to your skill set!
  4. Monetary donations – our school accepts donations for individual programs, student success, scholarships, faculty and staff development, equipment purchases and our annual fund. To make a donation through the Foundation, click here.

Join us as we make a difference in the communities we serve while continuing to transform lives every day!