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Co-Curricular Assessment

Co-Curricular Assessment 


The process for Departmental Outcomes Effectiveness/Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in non-academic areas is ongoing and instituted to measure and improve departmental quality and opportunity for and assessment of student learning and the improvement of services.  It involves identifying expectations; setting measurable standards for those expectations; and gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence to determine institutional effectiveness.  When effectiveness is below expectations or when increased performance is desired, interventions are identified and executed.   Following the execution, the evidence is again gathered, analyzed, and interpreted to determine the effectiveness of the intervention.  This is a cyclical process that provides for continuous improvement.

In anticipation of the budgeting process following mid-year reviews, summative assessment and effectiveness processes should occur during November and December of each calendar year to allow for planning in December and January.  To document the effectiveness/assessment process, departmental leadership inputs summative measures, conclusions, and future plans for each outcome in the departmental Effectiveness Portfolio.  At this time, departments should also review their outcomes and add, delete, or adjust outcomes as needed.

Integrated Assessment Plan

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Non-Academic Program Review Process

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