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August 2021

#MyASUNstory: Steve Rutherford

A native of Dalton, Georgia, Steve Rutherford could have found a Commercial Driver Training program closer to home, but he said he wanted to go to the best program out there. 

Rutherford worked in logistics for many years and got to know 100's of truck drivers. 

"When the pandemic hit, you know 2020 shutting everybody down, the truck drivers were out there on the front line," Rutherford said. 

Their dedication inspired him to take a leap of faith. 

"This is a job where I can serve all of America," Rutherford said. "Serve the community, and I’m going to be busier than ever."

When looking for a training program, ASU-Newport stood out. 

"I had already searched all over the country," Rutherford said. "Especially being a logistics manager, and having hundreds of drivers over the years that I’ve helped, and I’ve always had a lot of respect for drivers. Reading up on this college, I thought that is a tough college, but they are good."

"There was plenty of places right there around my hometown…but I wanted to come to the best."

During his training, he enjoyed the curriculum and hands-on learning ASUN offered. 

"I love the way they push you, push you, push you," Rutherford said. "They really have you going from different trucks to different trucks…driving the stick shifts, and it just sinks into your head."

Rutherford said he loved ASUN from the moment he arrived. 

"Once I got out here, this school has made me feel so relaxed," Rutherford said. "I can’t wait to come to school every day."

Even though it was a big change for him, he doesn't regret it. Rutherford encouraged others to see the potential in truck driving. 

"Make the move, make the step," Rutherford said. "We need truck drivers. America needs truck drivers. If you want to serve your community, if you want to help your neighbors, your brothers, your family, get into truck driving. The demand for truck drivers, there’s just not enough of them. I mean you are going to get a job...get out there, keep your head straight, drive safe, you’re going to have a job. And make a lot of money."

He described his new training as the golden ticket. Rutherford looks forward to not only serving his community but also seeing the country. 

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