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February 2020

#MyASUNstory: Tracon Brown

Tracon Brown is excited to enter a field where he knows he can make a positive impact on other’s lives. The journey to becoming a Registered Nurse hasn’t been easy, but he said it’s worth it.

Brown describes his journey to ASU-Newport starting about two years ago.

“Me and my wife had just gotten married,” Brown said. “We were going to school in Indiana for college, and I kind of really didn’t have any idea what I was going to do. I hadn’t finished a degree yet. I just knew I needed to provide for my family.”

After much thought and prayer, Brown said they decided to move back south to be closer to their families in Paragould.

“This program opened up just two months before I was going to decide to completely quit college altogether and just work fulltime,” Brown said.

He is a student in ASUN’s Traditional Registered Nursing program. He is part of the first cohort of students.

“Medicine had always been a super big interest for me,” Brown said. “My dad was a paramedic for a long time. My grandma has been a nurse for 20 years plus now and just hearing some of the stories they told me over the years, I could see the toll it takes on them. But I know they do it for the greater good of other people. As a child of God, we are called to serve others.”

Brown said it’s been a great learning opportunity to work inside real hospitals as part of his training. Of course, he notices he is normally outnumbered.

“I think a lot of people enjoy having male nurses around. I think it just brings a good balance to the atmosphere,” Brown said. “I think a lot of people get certain occupations tied up with one gender or another, and it just goes to show you that females can do whatever males can do, and males can do whatever females do for the most part.”

To enter the healthcare field, Brown feels your heart must be in the right place. The 18-month program is rigorous but rewarding.

“It’s definitely been a challenge,” Brown said. “I work at Lowes generally about 25-30 hours a week and with her working fulltime, it’s all about time management and making the most of your time when you are at home.”

Brown said without the support of his family, this journey wouldn’t be possible.

“My family has been nothing but supportive, and my wife’s family is the same way. They have always been willing to step out and help us when we need, and I’m super blessed to have that.”

Following graduation in May of 2020, Brown hopes to work in an Intensive Care Unit or Emergency Room. He enjoys a fast pace environment and hopes to excel while also being a blessing to others.

“Being able to place somebody’s life ahead of mine is an opportunity very few get and that I am very blessed to be a part of,” Brown said.

To learn more about ASUN’s Traditional Registered Nursing program click here.