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December 2019

#MyASUNstory: Teah Robertson


Teah Robertson is a seasoned teacher. With years in the classroom under her belt, she is making an impact in the lives of children. But she says ASU-Newport is where it all started.

“I took a break after high school,” Robertson said. “I had a child very early and just realized I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without an education. I looked into ASU-Newport, decided to give it a try and ended up excelling, going way further than I ever dreamed.”

Robertson completed the Education program at ASU-Newport. She then pursued her bachelors and master’s degree at Arkansas State University where she has also obtained specialist degrees in education.

“ASU-Newport was where it started in helping to encourage my growth,” Robertson said.

The faculty and small classroom environment is what Robertson said attracted her to ASU-Newport.

“The faculty members here, they knew our needs,” Robertson said. “They walked into those classrooms, that smaller scale, and they knew what each of us, what we needed.”

Stacy Mooneyhan, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Development at ASU-Newport, left her with many words of wisdom.

“I remember her looking at me and saying, listen, having an education is such an invaluable asset,” Robertson said. “It kind of brought me back to those four years where I took that four years off, and knowing I had to do something. It really got me to thinking that education is an invaluable asset. I’ve got to get one.”

Many degrees later, Robertson has her education and is now helping educate others. She taught first grade in Augusta.

“Being able to take a student barely knowing their ABC’s to being able to read, that is a huge accomplished challenge,” Robertson said.

She is now the Gifted and Talented teacher for all of K12 at McCrory School District. Robertson said it’s her goal to find what each child needs and help them learn and shine.  

She credits ASU-Newport for inspiring her to be her best.

“That encouragement was what drove me to continue to succeed,” Robertson said.

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