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September 2019

Take Flight: Energy Control Technology

Wires, pliers, and electrical wires! All this and hands-on technical training is what shapes the day of an Energy Control Technology (ETC) student at Arkansas State University-Newport. These students learn skills to successfully repair and troubleshoot issues with refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning systems.

Every day people use their heat and air systems. In the heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter, these units are vital. This increases the need for highly trained personnel in this field. ASU-Newport students are fulfilling high demand jobs, especially in Northeast Arkansas.

Faculty members say every semester at graduation they have companies asking for more employees. It’s a growing field that needs skilled workers with more than just basic knowledge. Some of the companies that need and hire our students include Ritter Communications, Butterball, Nestle, and even some public schools.

If you would like to get involved with the ASUN Energy Control Technology program, here is how you can make a difference: 

  •  Monetary donations – ASU-Newport accepts donations for the Energy Control Technology program, student success, scholarships, faculty and staff development, equipment purchases and our annual fund. To make a donation through the Foundation, click here
  • Provide equipment – we strive to use the latest technology that our students need to remain relevant in their industry. Contact to donate equipment to ASUN. 
  • Join the Advisory Board – help transform students into relevant members of the workforce. Contact to join the Energy Control Technology Board. 
  • Come train our students – our instructors welcome presenters to speak with our classes. This provides a new layer of exposure for our students and your business. Reach out to Mark Constant if you want to train and develop our students!