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July 2019

Take Flight: Advanced Manufacturing

An Advanced Manufacturing student spends their day measuring, reading blueprints, programming machines, getting precise cuts, using high tech machines to cut and then place various metal parts together. The students in the Advanced Manufacturing program learn the skills to succeed in today’s manufacturing facilities and machine shops.

Jobs in Advanced Manufacturing are high demand, high tech, and high paying. These students are very crucial to the production scene in Northeast Arkansas. They are trained to handle computer programming and many high-tech machines. These machines include Computer Numeric Control (CNC) operational machines such as lathe and mill machines.

Those completing the program have little to no problem finding a job in Arkansas. Thomas & Betts, Unilever, Nestle, Trinity Industries, Pepsi, and many more companies hired ASU-Newport students. If you’re looking to start a career in manufacturing, get your start in ASUN’s Advanced Manufacturing program!

If you would like to get involved with the ASUN Advanced Manufacturing program, here is how you can make a difference: 

· Monetary donations – ASU-Newport accepts donations for the Advanced Manufacturing program, student success fund, scholarships, faculty and staff development, equipment purchases and our annual fund. To make a donation through the Foundation, click here. 

· Provide equipment – we strive to use the latest technology that our students need to remain relevant in their industry. Email to donate equipment to ASUN. 

· Join the Advisory Board – help transform students into relevant members of the workforce. Contact to join the Advanced Manufacturing Advisory Board. 

· Come train our students – our instructors welcome presenters to speak with our classes. This provides a new layer of exposure for our students and your business. Reach out to Alan Keith if you want to train and develop our students!