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June 2019

#MyASUNstory: Dustin Primm

The “traditional” college track isn’t for everyone. Dustin Primm realized that when he was a senior in high school, and it didn’t take him long to find a future in welding.


“I really found out what I wanted to do my senior year,” Primm said. “That’s when I last picked up the welder and thought I’m going to make a career out of this.”

He knew other options were out there, but he knew what was right for him.

“I mean some people are just not cut out for the 4-year program,” Primm said. “I just took the way to make more money, faster, and get on with my life instead of putting myself in debt.”

He graduated from Westside High School and with a quick google search found ASU-Newport. He heard positive things about ASUN’s welding program and enrolled.

“It’s really inexpensive to go here and do this school,” Primm said. “I like that I get to work with my hands. I like the accuracy. I have OCD like that. I just have to have things perfect.”

Even with his attention to detail, Primm was skeptical of his skills at first. He knew he would have obstacles to overcome but persisted!

“I didn’t know that welding took a lot of math, when I first went into it I thought maybe I can’t do this now because I’m not good with math,” Primm said. “But it turns out I really am. I thought that was a big hurdle I was going to have to overcome, but I overcame it and now I feel like I can make a career out of it.”

There is a large job market for welders. Companies across Northeast Arkansas are in need of skilled welders. Primm is excited to be entering a field that has job security.

As for those that may feel pressure to take a certain path after high school, Primm said don’t be afraid to try something new.

“You never know what you like until you do it. So just put yourself out there. You have the rest of your life to figure out what you want to do. Just take time, figure out who you are, best advice I could give.”

For more information on ASUN’s welding program click here.