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August 2018

ASUN introduces new SOAR Textbook Program

Fall classes begin on August 20, and one of the first things students will notice is a big change at the ASU-Newport Bookstore. We are excited to introduce the SOAR Textbook Program which stands for Save On A Rental Textbook Program. 

It's no secret textbooks can be expensive, but this brand new program will allow students to save hundreds of dollars. Students taking general education courses who choose to opt-in to the SOAR Textbook Program will only pay $20 per credit hour for all of their enrolled courses for the semester. Workbooks, kits and access codes are sold separately. 

Textbook costs along with lab materials for specific programs at ASUN, such as Nursing and Welding, vary based on the program and what materials are required. 

This is an opportunity for students to save money, get all of their books in one convenient location, while also relieving the stress of what to do with the books once classes are over. Students can have all of their books and materials shipped (at a flat shipping rate) directly to them and once the course is over, all they have to do is return all the books to the bookstore. 

"This is just another example of ASUN’s commitment to student success," said Adam Adair, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. "Studies have shown that with decreases in book costs, students are choosing to take more credit hours per semester with the resulting savings. This leads to faster completion of required credits and more credentials attained by our students. We believe this program will greatly reduce the number of students that have to drop out because they were not able to afford textbooks." 

ASUN is aware this type of change will bring many questions. Travis Church, Director of Bookstore Operations, is available in-person, online, or over the phone to help with these questions. 

"We know this program is very different when compared to the previous bookstore process, but we truly believe this program offers convenience and savings to students," said Travis Church, Director of Bookstore Operations. "In the long run, we are confident students will appreciate the benefits." 

A list of frequently asked questions with answers pertaining to this new bookstore model can be found here

Bookstore hours vary by campus. Call Travis Church at 870-512-7806 for more information on operation times. You can also click here to purchase your books online. 

ASUN looks forward to welcoming new and returning students to campus this fall.