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July 2018

Agriculture Technology student finds great opportunity at industry internship

Instruction in the classroom is only a fraction of what Arkansas State University-Newport instructors encourage for their students. While perfecting their chosen craft, many programs require their students to take part in an internship.

ASUN’s Agriculture Technology Program is just one program that understands the importance of having classroom instruction while getting hands-on experience. Lane Keller is in his second year of the program. Keller graduated from Tuckerman High School in 2017 and was highly involved in the Future Farmers of America organization. He came to ASUN knowing agriculture was for him.

Lane Keller working in the fields near ASUN.
             Lane Keller working in the fields near ASUN.

Keller didn’t want to waste any time when it came to learning more about the field he was passionate about. This summer Keller took the initiative to get an internship with Helena Chemical of Newport. It’s a paid internship focused in crop consulting.

Lindley Gilliaum, Agricultural Grant Program Coordinator & Instructor of Agriculture at ASUN, said she’s received positive feedback on Keller’s performance from the manager at Helena Chemical.

“The manager was very pleased with Lane’s performance and work ethic,” Gilliaum said. “In the fall, Lane will get to stay on as a seasonal hire which could lead to him potentially get a fulltime position later.”

Keller is a member of the inaugural class for the Agricultural Technology Program. Gilliaum said she knew there was a need for professionally trained and educated workers in agriculture fields but Keller’s opportunity at Helena Chemical solidifies that.

“When we started this program, industry professionals told us there was a need, and we wanted to fill that need,” Gilliaum said. “Lane is a great example of that need being filled and further confirms our belief that this type of program is necessary for the success of agriculture in the future.”

 Lane Keller driving a tractor as part of the curriculum at ASUN.
 Lane Keller driving a tractor as part of the curriculum at ASUN.

Beyond just getting this hands-on experience, Gilliaum said at the end of the program she wants all of her students to have jobs in the particular field they desire.

“For Lane, he’s that much further along to getting a fulltime position,” Gilliaum said. “While our instruction is critical, so is the experience he’s received in his internship.”

ASUN offers a variety of opportunities within the Agriculture Technology Program. Students can earn a Certificate of Proficiency in Agronomy, Technical Certificate in Agriculture Operations with a Class A CDL, and an Associate of Applied Science in Agriculture Technology.

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