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July 2018

Career Pathways helps single mother reach new career goals as Registered Nurse

Life is not an easy road. Most people can agree with that. It’s an unwavering story for many in ASU-Newport’s Career Pathways Program.

Kourtney Perdue is no exception. In 2011, Perdue became a Licensed Practical Nurse. While loving her job as an LPN, she said something was missing, but it can be hard to find what is missing when life happens.

At the end of 2014, Perdue separated from her husband. Then her father passed away a few months later. After making it through what she considers some of the worst moments in her life, she decided it was time to find that missing piece and provide a better life for her two children.

“I have a 12-year-old son and a 4-year-old son, and they deserve the absolute best that I can provide for them,” Perdue said.

In January 2017, Perdue started taking classes at ASU-Newport to become a Registered Nurse. Driving from Cabot to Newport every Tuesday and Thursday for class, Perdue knew this path wouldn’t be easy. While studying, participating in clinical labs across Northeast and Central Arkansas, Perdue worked full time as an LPN at ARcare Family Medical Clinic.

Kourtney Perdue
Kourtney Perdue

“It was a very long and tiring year but with my huge support system behind me every step of the way, I was able to make it,” Perdue said. “Part of my support system includes Career Pathways.”

Career Pathways helped Perdue pay for gas while driving back and forth and provided multiple resources to help her succeed academically. Beyond all of that, Perdue said the people at Career Pathways really made a lasting impression.

“Not only were the ladies helpful, but they genuinely cared about each one of the students they were helping,” Perdue said. “I knew they wanted me to succeed every step of the way.”

Perdue said as a single mom of two young boys it would have been easy to give up, but Career Pathways gave her the support she needed to better her life.

In December 2017, Perdue graduated from the RN program. The next month she passed her state board exam on the first try. Thanks to this accomplishment, she now works as a Registered Nurse and Regional Nurse Manager. She manages 8 ARcare clinics.

“I consider myself to be very blessed and am truly thankful for Career Pathways,” Perdue said.

She is just one of many who found a better future at ASU-Newport, and she’s proud to now be able to write Kourtney Perdue, RN.

Career Pathways is a grant-funded program designed to assist eligible parents complete an educational degree and enter a high paying, high demand career field. To find out more about Career Pathways click here