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Caring Campus

Caring Campus LogoThe Caring Campus Initiative, developed by the Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC), is based on decades of research that proves students who feel connected to their college are more likely to complete and succeed in their courses, persist from semester to semester, and achieve their educational goals. Students come where they are welcome and stay where they feel cared about.

ASU-Newport is excited to be the first institution in Arkansas to implement the initiative. Now is the time for ASUN to engage our faculty and staff and implement cultural change within the institution that drives our customer service initiatives and engages our students to help them achieve their goals!

IEBC has a proven method for creating a Caring Campus that ensures all students feel connected to their college. Caring Campus includes two initiatives: one for faculty and one for professional staff. Almost 70 colleges are implementing Caring Campus around the country and they are seeing improvements in course retention and success and term to term persistence. Achievement gaps are being closed dramatically. With little to no resource commitment beyond the initial IEBC coaching, Caring Campus drives behavior changes that improve and enhance the many student success initiatives already being implemented at colleges around the United States. Using a unique coaching model, faculty and staff identify behaviors that are easily implemented intentionally and campus-wide. Cabinet and department leadership commit to supporting, monitoring, and celebrating these behaviors. These groups work together to institutionalize Caring Campus behaviors across the college. Caring Campus goes immediately to scale after one or two semesters of coaching.