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Introducing the SOAR (Save On A Rental) Textbook Program!

This program is designed with students in mind and gives them seamless access to all of the textbooks they need while saving them money. The SOAR Textbook Program allows students to rent textbooks for $20 per credit hour. A student taking 15 credit hours can purchase every book they need for $300. Supplies such as kits, workbooks or access codes will be sold individually at a separate price. By opting in to this program, students will find a convenient way to get all the textbooks they need to be successful at ASU-Newport.

Call 870-512-7806 to discuss your options or for hours of operation. 

FAQS About the SOAR Textbook Program

How do I take advantage of this program?
Visit one of our bookstore locations on the Newport, Jonesboro, or Marked Tree campus, hand the customer service representative your student id and schedule and we will do the rest. For students with a financial aid award on file and with excess aid, the books will automatically be charged to your student account and deducted from your excess aid. We will also accept other forms of payment VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Cash or Check.

How much is the cost to rent my books?
The cost to rent all required books for your courses equals $20 per registered credit hour.

Am I required to use the book rental program?
No. The program is totally optional for students and must be opted into. The only requirement ASUN has is that if you choose to participate in the program you must fully opt into the program and obtain all of your course textbooks via the program. This means all textbooks for the semester will be provided, or no textbooks will be provided.

Do you also sell textbooks?
No, the bookstore offers textbooks via the rental program only.

How much money will I save via the rental program?
That largely depends on how many credit hours you enroll in and the actual courses you are registered to takeā€¦For example, a student enrolled in 15 credit hours under the program will be charged $300 to receive all required textbooks. The average cost for other programs can range from $500 - $700 to purchase the same textbooks. In fact, some new textbooks can cost more than $300 for one book!

What do I bring to get my books?
You must bring your student id and your schedule.

How do I return the rented books?
ASUN provides convenient drop boxes on each campus in which you can return your books. Pay close attention to return deadlines each semester and return the books in good condition. Books returned after the deadline will be charged a late fee of $15 per book. For each book unreturned or damaged, your student account will be charged $65 per book. Students will have a hold placed on account for any unpaid fees. Transcripts or grades will not be released until fees are paid and holds are cleared.

Can I get my books from ASUN if I am not registered for classes at ASUN?
No. The program is provided for current students of ASUN. But, hey enroll with us and we will be glad to sign you up for the program!

Can I use my driver's license to get my books?
No. Sorry, we have to scan your student id to look you up and get you opted into the program.