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YES! We have launched our new website today!  

This site was directed by our students, faculty and staff.  But we needed someone to create the site, so we found a team of highly trained computer ninjas who could handle the job.  You never see computer ninjas, but they’re always fighting for you.

“So, other than the design, what’s the big deal?” 

Simple! We have organized our degree programs into a simple layout and the information you need, is easily accessible. For example, click on any program, and discover everything you need with a few clicks. 

Mobile “responsive design” exists on for the first time EVER!  iPhone, iPad, Android or whatever, this site is ready for your mobile device.

Those are the two greatest improvements for our site.  The goal was to put the information where it made sense, and make it look good! 

Oh hey, did you see there’s a button to schedule a visit on the homepage?  Just trying to make it easy for all future students.

We’re going to update this blog on a regular basis with input from students, faculty and staff.  We’ll share information about student life, planning for college, financial aid, admissions, program features and several other topics! 

Take some time, look around the site (this page is cool, scroll down) and explore the world of ASU-Newport.  There’s a lot about community colleges you might not know, find out now at

Written By:
Jeremy Shirley
Director of Marketing