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Women's History Month: Celebrating ASUN's Sheroes

Women's History Month

In honor of Women's History Month, ASU-Newport's Council for Diversity and Inclusion organized a number of activities to celebrate the women of ASUN. 

The following includes contributions from ASUN faculty and staff members. They are sharing their stories of success, challenge and perseverance. 



By Sheila McNeal, Co-Chair of ASUN's Council for Diversity & Inclusion

Where would we be without She-roes

Women of Power

Women of Strength

Women of Courage

Soaring into Greatness

Having an “I Can Do all Things” Attitude

Yet graceful, tender and gentle

Guided by knowledge and wisdom

She-Roes rise early

With a mind to Succeed; No Greed

Her day is filled with high Expectations

She-roes stand tall and proud

And that’s worth a Celebration

Fighting through many years & fears

She embraces life with unwavering joy

She-roes are brave

No time to be coy

So let’s hear it for the girls!

All over the world

Hats off to She-roes

They truly are my Heroes!


Stories from faculty and staff:

Stephanie Wilson, ASUN Assistant Professor of Mathematics

After high school I went to work, settling for what I thought was all I can do. One day my Mom said I was going to college with her, and she reminded me that I can do more.

My Mom believed in me and pushed me to believe in myself. The journey through college as a non-traditional student was a struggle plus dealing with the loss of loved ones, relationship struggles, caring for loved ones that are dealing with cancer, going through my own physical/health problems, financial hardships, finding a balance, asking for help, and finding the strength to believe that I can do this. I made it through and gained so much. The stronger support system from my family, new friends, knowing that I am worthy, and realizing the only limits in my life are the ones I set for myself. 

Women that inspire:

  1. My Mom - strong, caring, dependable, honest, dedicated, true, and love with all her heart

  2. Amelia Earhart - to achieve something that no one thought possible 

  3. Harriet Tubman - fight for family, friends, people she did not know no matter the cost, brave, loyal, love for freedom, and faith in God to see her through

  4. Mother Teresa - spreading love, compassion, and kindness

  5. Helen Keller - did the impossible, open the door for anyone with handicaps, inspired others, and set no limits on her abilities

  6. Pocahontas - peace, adventure, and acceptance

  7. My great grandmother Ora - living during a time that being Indian was not excepted and overcoming the bearers with love

There are many many many more women from the past and present that inspire me to be the best me!!

Actions speak so loudly, doing my best to be an inspiration.

Always do the best you can at everything.

Even though your best is different from your peers, family, friends, etc... your best is 100% you.

Be proud of who you are!!

Sandra Provence, Assistant Professor Emeritus

In December 2018, Sandra Provence was featured on the cover of a local magazine, Eye On. Her story is featured on page 39. Sandra has many titles including mom, grandmother, teacher and volunteer. 

Read about what inspired her to become an educator here. 

Sandra said, "What is a teacher without an audience? As many educators, my love for teaching comes from the students who inspire me to give them my best." 

Tina Fuentes, Assistant Professor of English and Foreign Language

My name is Tina Fuentes, and I am an Assistant Professor of English and Foreign Language at Arkansas State University-Newport. I began working for ASUN in January of 2008. I enjoy serving our students and facilitating learning.

I was born in Newport, Arkansas, and raised in Tuckerman, Arkansas. We were a poor family, but I always had the public library which allowed me to escape to exotic locations. Learning was always my passion. I knew that an education was the only path to economic security, so I pursued an education at Arkansas State University.

My life feels like it has come full circle; now, I am helping those in similar positions to obtain economic security through education. Serving our students makes me happy.

Supporting Women:

This flyer details how to donate to local women's shelters for Women's History Month.

In an effort to support women in the communities ASUN serves, a donation drive was held on each campus. 

Donation box at ASUN-Marked Tree