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Enroll in Fall Flex II courses NOW!

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Get your necessary classes done quicker with ASU-Newport’s 2019 Fall Flex II Term!

Flex courses are short-term courses that allow you to graduate faster. Flex courses can replace a course you need to withdraw from or can help you get a prerequisite done in time for a program application deadline. ASU-Newport has a number of flex courses that begin on October 8!

Do you need nursing prerequisites? Need to improve some of your grades for your nursing school application?

- BIOL1404 Body Structure and Function 
- BIOL2414 Human A&P II 
- PSY2533 Lifespan Development 
- ENG1013 Composition II 
- MIS1033 Intro to Computers 
- MATH1213 Math for Health Professions 
- BIOL2013 Introduction to Nutrition 

What about General Education Courses?

- HIST1023 World Civilization Since 1660 
- MATH1083 Quantitative Literacy (Math for Non-STEM Majors) 
- THEA2503 Fine Arts Theatre 
- ENG1013 Composition II 

Need Business Courses?

- MIS1033 Introduction to Computers
- ECON2313 Principles of Macroeconomics
- ECON2113 Business Statistics
- BSYS2563 Business Communications
- ACCT2003 Principles of Accounting I

Other courses offered in Fall Flex II:

- MIS1033 Introduction to Computers 
- PE1623 Concepts of Fitness 
- SPCH1203 Oral Communication 
- SW2203 Introduction to Social Work (students need this course before applying to the Social Work Program) 

For a complete class schedule click here, then click Fall Flex II 2019 in the Term drop-down menu for a full list of courses and times.

Not an ASUN student? Click here to apply so you can be enrolled by October 8!

For more information call 870-680-8715.