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Where's my 1098T?

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The ASU-Newport Business Office is in the process of preparing 1098T’s (tax statement) for 2016. 
Once these have been completed, you will have the ability to access your 1098T online.  Please note that not all students will receive a 1098T! (see details at the bottom)

Please note, the 1098T is an informational document only, and is provided by educational institutions to assist students in determining if they are eligible for federal income tax education credits. It should not be considered as tax opinion or advice.  While it is a good starting point, the 1098-T, as designed and regulated by the IRS, does not contain all of the information needed to claim a tax credit.

Statements will be ready by January 31st.  Once the 1098T statements are ready, you will be able to immediately access and print them online.  This is beneficial in that you will not have to wait on a mailed paper copy in order to file your tax return.

You will be able to access the statements online by using the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Select “Student Access” from the left side of the page.
  • Select Access your 1098-T
  • Log In using your Social Security #, Last Name, and Password#.  If you do not have a Password #, leave this field blank

The process is quick and simple, and once statements are ready, you’ll be able to immediately access them!

Please read below to determine whether you were eligible to receive a 1098-T for 2016:

NOTE:  If you received financial aid that covered all of your expenses, you will not receive a 1098T.  Likewise, if the amount of financial aid received for the year 2016 was greater than total charges for 2016, you will not receive a 1098T

ASU-Newport issues 1098-Ts based upon the charges incurred during 2016.  Charges actually paid by the student have no bearing on 1098-T status.


Spring semester:

Total charges were $1,500 and the student received a Pell Grant for $2,500.  Excess financial aid is $1,000.

Fall semester:

Total charges are $800 and student did not receive financial aid. The student paid the $800 out-of-pocket.


Total yearly charges were $2,300 and total financial aid was $2,500.  Even though the student may have had to pay out-of-pocket for his/her fall charges, he/she will not receive a 1098T because total financial aid received for the year was greater than total charges for the year.

Financial aid includes any grants or scholarships that were credited against your charges. 

If you cannot access your 1098T electronically by February 1st and feel that you should have received one, please login to the Portal and check your charges and aid applied for 2016.  If you still feel that you should have received a 1098-T, please email and we will gladly check your account.