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Registration for Spring 2017 Registration starts Nov. 9th!


We say it all the time, and I’m sure you get it by now, right?  But here’s what you might not know about early enrollment:

Get into the classes you want!

Early enrollment gets you the courses you need and the times you want which allows you to have more control over your schedule. It is always best for you to meet with your advisor and select Spring 2017 courses before final exams end.

Our Holiday Break is coming soon! 

As you know, ASUN will be closed from 4:30 p.m. on Friday, December 16th until 8:00 a.m. on Monday January 3rd. During this time, faculty and staff are not in their offices answering telephones and checking emails. It is very important to have your Spring 2017 schedule established with your academic advisor before you leave for the holiday break – that is by the end of finals week!

It helps with Financial Aid!

When the Fall 2016 term ends, the Financial Aid Office will evaluate your academic progress looking at your term and cumulative GPAs. Additionally, they will review/determine whether or not the courses you have selected for Spring 2017 are listed on your official degree plan. They can only review your Spring 2017 schedule after you enroll in classes. Your award package will be processed more efficiently if you are enrolled in spring courses before the end of Fall 2016. This could also assist you when it is time to purchase textbooks – if you are on the list of students for whom the FAO will package first, you should be able to secure your book faster and easier.

We’re installing new software!

During the holiday break, ASUN technology staff members will close down ASUN’s current software that runs the ASUN Portal and Campus Connect and implement a new software system called Campus Management.
This process is similar to switching your iPhone to an Android phone. The amount of data to move is enormous. You have to move all of your contacts and apps. You may even have to switch companies (AT&T to Verizon). The company from which we purchased the software is not as large as AT&T or Verizon. This means, we cannot just call a customer service number for an assist. This also means when faculty, staff, and students return, we will ALL need to learn to use our new system. When you run into difficulties with your schedule, or need to override into a closed section, what used to take 5 minutes may take a bit longer as we learn the new system.  Picture all of your friends and family switching iPhones to Androids and the confusion that may cause. This may be how we all feel when Spring 2017 begins.

We want your Spring 2017 to go smoothly for you. This is why we encourage you to enroll NOW.