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Preparing for College!

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Transitioning from High School to College can be a challenge for some students.  So, we've scoured the internet and talked to our faculty/staff for this list of suggestions to make this transition go as easy as possible.

1. Read as much as possible

College consists of a lot of reading, research and comprehension.  We recommend that you take the time to read while you're off this summer.  By the way, we have a library that could recommend some good books this summer!

2. Understand your Technology

ASU-Newport's ITS staff is a very knowledgeable team, however, they have a lot of computer labs, servers and devices that they maintain on a daily basis.  If they were to run complete technical support for all your devices that would be an additional 4,000+ devices. Take the time to know your device and through our detailed tutorials, you'll be able to control your technology needs to perform in the classroom.

3. Social/People Skills

We're not talking about your ability to Snapchat or Tweeting.  No, we want you to be able to have a conversation with any faculty/staff member.  Also, a lot of your school work will require you to collaborate with other students and your teachers, so you'll need a good grasp on how to have meaningful conversations that will help you through your time at college.

4. Time-Management Skills

This is a big one!  Simply put, there are a lot of classes with a lot more demands than High School.  College doesn't have a regimented schedule like you're used to, for example: You may have an 8a class that ends at 9:15, then you're off for 3 hours until your next class.  Make sure you take these breaks and utilize the school labs and resources during that time...enjoy lunch, do some homework, etc.  

5. Know how to Stay Safe

Common sense really plays a role.  First of all, ASU-Newport has had very few incidents over the past 3 years, and we plan to continue that trend.  But we encourage our students to be aware of their surroundings and use common sense while on our campuses.  Take the time to familiarize yourself with the Department of Safety page, and all it's resources.

6. New Student Orientation

This event is for YOU.  This is your time to listen and ask questions to make your transition smooth.  If you've got questions about financial aid, programs, student activities, admissions or you just want to look around campus...this is your time to familiarize yourself with your college.  

7. Academic Support

We know that your classes can be difficult, so we provide the Academic Support Center on each campus.  Take the time to research all that the center has to help you study, learn and develop as a student.  We want you to succeed, please ask for help.


For more ideas on how to prepare for college, check out the entire website or visit USA Today’s article on preparing for college: