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PROJECT: Ready to Award

PROJECT: Ready to Award

Let’s face it, the school year is wrapping up, and you’re just ready to take a break and not do homework until next Fall!
And, filling out your FAFSA and enrolling in classes isn’t that high on your priority list…You’ve got better things to do!

But, consider this:

  1. If you did your FAFSA early, you could avoid some serious headaches when it comes to your financial aid.  You’ll have your money early and be able to buy the necessary books to succeed in your classes.
  2. There is the potential to receive extra funding if you complete your FAFSA early.  YES, MORE MONEY IF YOU FINISH YOUR FAFSA EARLY!
  3. If you register for Summer 1 & 2, plus Fall 2016 now, you’ll get all the classes you want and the teachers that you know and love! 

And that, is what Project Ready to Award is about.  Getting that FAFSA done, and enrolling for Summer and Fall semesters. 

Student Affairs staff helping Students with FAFSA and Enrollment

Our Financial Aid and Student Affairs specialists will be making their rounds to different classes and programs to help existing students get ready for fall.

For all incoming freshman, it’s really simple:

  1. Complete the ASUN Application
  2. Submit the following:
    1. High School and/or College Transcripts
    2. Immunization Records
    3. College Entrance Exam Scores (less than 5 years old)
  3. Complete your FAFSA at (School Code: 042034)
  4. Attend a New Student Orientation