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I.M. Woman - Grinders

Repair the grinder

Troubleshoot, Repair, and TEST!
That was the focus.

This week was exciting for me, because we had the opportunity to actually troubleshoot and repair 2 grinders. Our assignment was to take them apart, figure out why they weren't working, and repair the grinder.  

When we took the grinder apart, we discovered the brushes we worn out. Bobby Smith, our instructor, said this is due to normal wear and tear. We had the proper parts on hand and were able to repair the damaged brushes, which fixed the broken grinders.

Grinder with damaged brushes

Of course we had to test the grinders to make sure everything worked properly, so we got a chance to use the grinder on a piece of metal in the lab.

Testing the Grinder

I never thought that this field would be so exciting and challenging. I learn something new all the time, and I'm having so much fun! 

Recently, we've learned about lubrication, bearings, and couplings, plus we have done some soldering. Check back in a week, to see what other things I'm learning during the Industrial Maintenance program!

Tamesia is an Industrial Maintenance (I.M.) Woman in the Industrial Maintenance program.  Learn more about the Industrial Maintenance program, and see if you could be Industrial Maintenance Technician.