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Are You Ready for the Internet of Things?

Internet Equipment

Yes, the Internet of Things (IoT)! The most recent forecasts predict that 32 to 50 BILLION things will be connected to the Internet by 2020. That’s less than 5 short years away. Currently there are approximately 5 billion things connected to the internet. Are we ready? Everything from cattle to people, lighting to climate controls, vehicles to your refrigerator.  Smart cites will evolve where data will be collected and analyzed in real time to provide better traffic flows, more efficient use of water supplies and emergency response times.

The IoT, which excludes PCs, tablets and smartphones, is expected to generate revenue exceeding $300 billion in 2020.  The growth of IoT will greatly exceed that of smartphones, tablets and PCs. The reality is that the IoT allows for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place, many of which we can’t even think of or fully understand the impact of today.

Our society must begin preparing for the digital avalanche that is on the horizon. Here at ASUN, our Computer and Networking Technology (CNT) department can do just that! CNT will provide you with the tools necessary to prepare you for a career in Information Communication Technology. CNT uses a hands-on approach to teaching. Click here to learn more about ASUN's CNT program today!

-Rob Burgess, Instructor of Computer and Networking Technology