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There’s been a push that a 4-year degree is the best solution for all high school graduates.  But is it?

Students come to ASU-Newport every day for a Technical Certificate, Certificate of Proficiency or Associates Degree.  And the majority of those who complete these degrees start out with a family-supporting salary as they continue to pursue the American Dream. 

Industrial Maintenance Technicians, Diesel Technicians, Commercial Truck Drivers, High Voltage Linemen, Computer Networking Technologists, Nurses, Welders and many others start with great pay and benefits.  By the way, NONE of those programs require a 4-year commitment. 

Now, I’m not saying 4-year degrees are bad, but they might not be the best solution for everyone. US News spoke with Mark Edwards, “executive director of Opportunity Nation, a campaign to increase economic opportunity in America. ‘ There are many good-paying jobs available today that, quite candidly, a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree does not prepare them for. We need to expand how we think about success… It’s just a smarter, more nuanced way of thinking about workforce development.’” he says.

ASU-Newport has the degree programs you need to succeed in today’s workforce.  If you want to stay close to home and get your college basics, or a technical skill that puts you to work fast, we can help! 

Apply today, for FREE. 

Start now at ASU-Newport, and we’ll help you succeed in any degree plan!

Written by:
Jeremy Shirley
Director of Marketing