Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions for Associate of Applied Science

BSYS 1383 Spreadsheet Applications
The study of electronic spreadsheet concepts. The fundamentals of worksheets, graphics, database, and macro features of electronic spreadsheets will be utilized to solve problems. Prerequisite: MIS 1033 (F, S)

BSYS 1503 Document Formatting
This course is for persons with some keyboarding skill. The major emphasis is on skill development. Instruction is provided on microcomputers. (D)

BSYS 1553 Word Processing II
Designed to include advanced word and information processing concepts, administrative and communication skills, and advanced applications. Prerequisite: BSYS 1543. (F, S)

BSYS 1563 Administrative Support Procedures
Topics include self-improvement, interpersonal relations, mail handling, telephone usage, and travel arrangements. Emphasizes the practice and procedures acceptable in a business office regarding records management and control. Topics include sorting, filing, and retrieval of records. Prerequisite/Co requisite: BSYS 1543 OR MIS 1033 (F, S)

BSYS 2143 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Introduces the process of new venture creation and the critical knowledge needed to develop and manage your new business. Students will gain knowledge on the challenges of entrepreneurship, building a business plan, marketing considerations, e-commerce and the entrepreneur, advertising and pricing for profit, financial considerations, building a competitive edge, and debt/equity and site and location considerations. Prerequisite: MIS 1033 or MIS 1503 (F, S)

BSYS 2413 Word Processing I

Instruction in use of word processing software on microcomputers. Familiarization with word processing procedures and terminology. Three hours per week plus laboratory time. Prerequisite: MIS 1033 (S)

BSYS 2503 Business Office Skills
Development of professional skills, knowledge, attitudes, and other competencies necessary for employees in business occupations. Includes filing emphasis, word processing concepts, and career enhancement skills. Prerequisite: Keyboarding ability. (F)

BSYS 2523 Machine Transcription
Includes training in transcribing office documents using transcription equipment. Stresses skills required to produce respective documents. Prerequisite or Co requisite: BSYS 1543 and MIS 1033 (F, S)

BSYS 2553 Business Machines
Instruction and practice in the operation of electronic display and printing calculators, and computerized spreadsheets, with emphasis on business application problems. Prerequisite: MATH 1043 (F)

BSYS 2563 Business Communication
Survey of the principles of effective oral and written communication. Practice in writing business letters and reports, and preparing various types of oral presentation. Prerequisite: ENG 1013 (F, S, Su)

General Education Core (15 credit hours)

ENG 1003 English I

ENG 1013 English II

MATH 1003 Intermediate Algebra

Computer Fundamentals elective (3 credit hours)

Social Science Elective (3 credit hours)