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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing

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Course Descriptions for Technical Certificate

ENG 1203 Technical Communications
This course provides instruction in preparation of technical documents. Techniques of persuasion through written communication for successful employment will be developed by writing essays and reports. (F, S, Su)

MATH 1003 Intermediate Algebra
Review and development of fundamental concepts with additional topics including absolute value equations and inequalities, systems of linear equations, rational exponents, radical expressions, and solving quadratic equations. Prerequisite: MATH 0003 or Math ACT score between 17 – 18. (Credit earned not applicable toward Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees.) (F, S, Su)

PHSC 1201 Physical Science Lab
Two hour per week lab (Lab fee required). Co-requisite: PHSC 1203. (F, S, Su)

PHSC 1203 Physical Science
An introduction to basic concepts of physical science for the student who has completed no college course in chemistry or physics. This course is designed to provide an understanding of the facts, methods, and significance of the physical sciences by concentrating on selected topics from physics, chemistry, earth science, and astronomy. Prerequisite: MATH 1003. (F, S, Su)

TECH 1002 Introduction to Welding
This is an introductory course into welding technology. In this course students will be instructed in proper welding techniques, safety, material selection, and testing practices for welded structures. (F,S)

TECH 1012 Welding II
A continuation of the topics in TECH 1002. (F,S)

TECH 1023 Introduction to Manufacturing
This course is designed to introduce the student to the world of advanced manufacturing and establish a foundation upon which further studies in manufacturing might rest. Students will explore basic manufacturing materials and processes, tools, techniques, and produce some simple products. (D)

TECH 1033 Design for Manufacturing
This course is designed to expand on the introductory manufacturing course and expose the student to basic design concepts, computer skills, and drawing skills used in product and process design within the field of manufacturing. Additionally, the course is designed to expose students to a number of interpersonal skills and competencies necessary for a sustained career in manufacturing. (D)

TECH 1043 Manufacturing Production Processes
This course is designed to provide the student with a hands-on learning experience with the basic tools, equipment, and operations of manufacturing industries. The student will also understand the relationship between a manufacturing need, a design, materials, processes, as well as tools and equipment. During this course, the student will utilize many of these basic manufacturing processes to produce primary and secondary materials for manufacturing. (D)

TECH 1053 Manufacturing Power and Equipment Systems
This course is designed to expand upon previous courses and allow students the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of power systems and use the advanced tools of manufacturing production. Students will plan, design, implement, use, and troubleshoot manufacturing power systems, equipment systems, and control systems. (D)

TECH 1063 Manufacturing Materials
This course will introduce students to manufacturing materials, materials testing, and materials science. Additionally, this course will introduce primary and secondary processing and manufacturing and allow the students to instruct and conduct experiments on various manufacturing materials. (D)

TECH 1073 The Manufacturing Enterprise
This course is designed to expand upon concepts learned in introductory courses while allowing students to explore how manufacturing enterprises are established, how they maintain control, how they plan, how they produce, package, and market products. As a part of a product development team, students will analyze customer needs and market requirements, conceptualize a design, and develop a prototype, production tooling and other procedures. (D)

TECH 1083 Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance & Operation
This course is designed to provide the students with a comprehensive knowledge of manufacturing equipment safety, maintenance and operations procedures, control systems, as well as leadership abilities in the field. (D)

TECH 1093 Manufacturing, Engineering, Design & Problem Solving
This course will introduce new concepts related to engineering and design and problem solving, however, the primary function of this course will be to serve as a venue for student to place all previous learning into a manufacturing context. Students will solve a given manufacturing challenge that requires the use of advanced manufacturing technology systems, design skills, communication skills, and a thorough understanding of manufacturing materials, processes, and techniques. (D)

Total Hours: 34