Priority Deadlines

To ensure that Federal Financial Aid is awarded and in place by the beginning of the Fall semester, all required documents must be received by the Financial Aid Office by May 1. For the Spring semester, documents must be received by September 15.

Failure to provide any requested information in a timely manner will delay the awarding of financial aid and hinder your capability of charging tuition, fees and books against the pending receipt of expected aid.

Loan Entrance Counseling

To complete direct student loan entrance counseling go to →.
Once you have signed in, be sure to click on “Direct Loan Entrance Counseling”.


In order to receive federal financial aid (Pell Grant and / or student loans), students must be seeking a degree at Arkansas State University – Newport.

Please print only the documents that have been requested to complete your financial aid. If unsure, please read each form. Return the forms to the addresses below for the campus you are planning to attend.